We want to inspire, educate and encourage you to plant Alabama!

Need to know what to plant? When to plant? How to plant? Where to find great plants? We’ve got you covered.

Learn the benefits of plants, whether for practical purposes or pretty ones. We make it fun to plot and plan your garden. Use our collection of resources and articles to inspire, whether you’re a beginner or a bonafide plant nerd. And, we’ve made it easy to find plants at your local independent garden centers. By supporting the neighborhood garden shops, you also grow our Alabama communities.

Plant Alabama is part of a national initiative to inspire and educate people to plant more. Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association (ALNLA) provides this resource with the guidance of Plant-Something.org.

The support of ALNLA brings these resources to your fingertips to get your garden growing and green up Alabama thumbs.

The Alabama Nursery & Landscape Association (ALNLA) is a professional trade association proudly serving Alabama’s Green Industry since 1951. Our membership is comprised of ornamental plant producers, retail garden centers, landscape installation and maintenance contractors, irrigation contractors, landscape designers, researchers, allied businesses and others who support our mission to improve the success and professionalism of the industry.

Our most recent Economic Impact Study indicates the green industry contributes $2.9 billion and nearly 44,000 jobs to Alabama’s economy each year. To maintain such a significant impact, ALNLA serves the industry by facilitating a business network for industry peers, offering professional development & CEU opportunities and providing members with legislative updates and advocacy efforts. Together, we can accomplish goals that might be impossible for an individual business alone.

And, together with you, we can ensure that Alabama is planted. Every day and every season, we encourage Alabamians to be an active part of adding plants to our landscapes, backyards, windowsills and community gardens. Get involved. Let’s plant Alabama together!


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